Why do people like spicy food ? Spicy food seems inseparable from the daily lives. Spicy is one of seasoning that is almost mandatory at the dinner table.

In fact, even spicy food with levels is now a trend. Various restaurants in often provide various types of chili to meet the tastes of their visitors. This spicy buffering phenomenon occurs in many countries.

Why Do People Like Spicy Food ?

This question has also been of interest to anthropologists and food historians for some time. Moreover, the country with a culture of spicy eating actually has a climate that tends to be warm.

1. Reducing decay

Why Do People Like Spicy Food Decay

This culture of spicy eating may be related to the fact that some spices (which give rise to hot or spicy taste) are anti-microbial.

In a worldwide survey of prescriptions, the researchers note that the amount of spices used in food increases with an increase in average annual temperature.

In a hot place, where there is no the refrigerator, decay is very fast. Spices may help food last a little longer, or at least make it tastier. This is one of the reasons why do people like spicy food.

2. Make sweat

Why Do People Like Spicy Food Sweat

As we know, eating spicy foods often makes us sweat. This sweat may help us cool down in hot areas.

The effect of evaporative cooling (evaporation) that occurs when we sweat is useful for maintaining body balance.

But in a very humid climate, no matter how much you sweat, evaporation won’t cool you. That’s because the air has too much water.

This is evidenced by a study conducted by comparing drinks taken after exercising.

The study shows that drinking hot water after exercise helps people cool down more than people who drink cold water. But this with a note only occurs when air humidity is low.

3. Role of Culture

Why Do People Like Spicy Food Culture

Spicy can not be denied causing a new sensation in food. Especially if this sensation is obtained from various types of spices that are diverse.

It is this cultural role that determines how a society responds to the taste of food, including spicy.

Like most animals, humans use taste as a way to determine what is safe to eat. Once we get used to a certain taste, we tend to like it more.

This is a strong reason why do people like spicy food. In fact, there is a lack of taste when we don’t eat spicy food.

4. Unique sensation

Why Do People Like Spicy Food Sensation

In the present, we have many reasons to eat spicy dishes. Starting from the adrenaline that is spurred or just because you want to.

In addition, physiological reactions to spicy foods also occur from the activation of a temperature sensor in the mouth. The body will react as if burning.

You will sweat, redden, maybe even vomit due to spicy food. This sensation triggers an intense experience that is considered part of the reasons why do people like spicy food. There are also some benefits of spicy foods that make people like this food.

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