Surely we have often heard the popularity of black tea or green tea for health. However, other type of tea that is also good is white tea. Yup, white tea origins is known to come from mainland China. Along with the changing dynasties in China, white tea processing has become more modern since 1,700 BC.

What is white tea?

What is white tea ? White tea is known as one of the lightest tea varieties, because it is not too much processed. What makes it called ‘white tea’? Apparently because it was harvested before the leaves of the tea plant were fully open. The shoot is still covered in fine white hair, so this is the reason called ‘white tea’.

White tea leaves are processed by drying quickly and carefully so that the leaves are not oxidized. This minimal and low oxidation process produces tea with a smooth and fresh taste.

Various Benefits of White Tea for Health

White tea can help reduce the risk of heart disease, aging of the skin, losing weight, and so on. To be clearer, you can read some White Tea Benefits below:

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White Tea Benefits

Prevent obesity

One of White tea benefits to have anti-obesity effects. White tea extract can help destroy fat and inhibit the growth of new fat cells in the body.

Protect the skin from ultraviolet light

The benefits of white tea can not only be felt by drinking, but also on the surface of the skin. In this way, white tea can strengthen skin cells while protecting them from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Reducing the risk of heart problems

White tea contains flavonoids that are good for the heart and help widen the arteries. In addition, white tea is also able to thin the blood, lower blood pressure, and reduce cholesterol.

Fight germs and prevent infection

White tea can fight germs, prevent infection, and even destroy disease-causing organisms. White tea is also proven to be able to fight germs more significantly than green tea.

Protect teeth from bacteria

White tea contains fluoride, tannins, and flavonoids. The natural substance content of fluoride in this type of tea reaches 34 percent, so making white tea is effective for reducing dental caries which usually occurs due to the influence of food scraps and bacteria.

Repair damaged cells

Another benefits of white tea is it contains antioxidants which can protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. White tea is also very effective for reducing inflammation of the skin due to free radicals.

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Fight cancer cells

The content of antioxidants in white tea is also able to kill and stop the growth of certain cancer cells in the body, such as lung cancer and colon cancer.

The benefits of white tea are indeed very diverse. In order to keep the body healthy, balance the consumption of white tea with healthy and nutritious foods, and exercise regularly. If you have special health conditions, you should consult a doctor about the appropriate portion of white tea.

Green Tea VS White Tea Benefits

White Tea VS Green Tea

Green Tea & White tea both contain polyphenols – antioxidant compounds with many benefits for your health. In terms of protection against cancer, white tea have the advantage than green tea.

White tea is produced from young leaves & buds, while green tea comes from leaves that have not oxidized or withered. White tea has a sweet and lighter taste than green tea. Read more about White Tea VS Green Tea In Health (Benefits & Caffeine).

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