White Tea VS Green Tea – White tea and green tea are two broad categories of tea, along with black tea & oolong tea. First, we start with a brief discussion of what natural weight-loss defines and distinguishes these two teas.

How White Tea & Green Tea Are Produced

White Tea VS Green Tea Produced

White Tea

White tea has least processed from the main varieties of tea on the market, even though the leaves undergo processing.

After collect the leaves, and then left to wither naturally; this method allows some leaf oxidation, changing it in mild brownish color.

Green Tea

To make green tea, people use steaming (in the case of most Japanese teas) or pan-shoot or grilling (the method used for most Chinese teas).

Heat kills the enzyme that causes oxidation, and will cause the leaves of natural weight-loss drinks to eventually turn dark brown and become black.

Green tea thus has a brighter natural green color, relative to white tea.

White Tea VS Green Tea in Caffeine Comparison

White Tea VS Green Tea Caffeine

Many sources claim that white tea “keeps natural antioxidants” more weight-loss foods than green tea.

White tea leaves oxidize more because of a lack of warming at the beginning of the process.

There is widespread myth that white tea vs green tea in the caffeine comparison is won by white tea! There is no evidence to support this claim.

However, the part of the shoots or tips of the leaves, relative to the larger adult leaves, has an impact on the caffeine content.

Tea with more tips and shoots has more caffeine. While those with more mature leaves have a weight-loss drink before going to bed with less caffeine.

One example of white tea that strongly eliminates the myth about caffeine content is silver needles.

White Tea VS Green Tea for Health Benefits

White Tea VS Green Tea Health

As mentioned above, antioxidants (catechins) in green tea is more natural than white tea.

This contradicts the claim that processed tea is certainly not higher in antioxidants. This may cause people to believe that white tea vs green tea in health benefits is won by green tea.

But it’s also not true that more native catechins means for more health benefits. After oxidize the antioxidants, they become new chemicals but they retain their antioxidant properties.

Catechin is a new class of chemicals called theaflavins and thearubigins, which are found in small amounts of weight loss in white tea and in greater amounts in oolong tea and black tea.

There is not enough evidence to say which one is better in health of white tea vs green tea.

Because green or white does not appear to be the fastest weight loss food as a clear leader in terms of health benefits or caffeine content.

It makes sense to make your purchasing decisions based primarily on quality, aroma, and freshness.

White tea vs green tea ? Just buy and drink which one you like the most!

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