Do you use vitamin C cream or not?

Of the many skincare products for the face on the market, one of the most favorite is vitamin C cream. Yes, this cream is often predicted as a magic ingredient that acts as an anti-aging as well as making skin bright.

Therefore, it is not surprising that vitamin C cream products are popular among women. Even make it a skincare routine in the morning and evening.

Now, how important is the efficacy of vitamin C cream for facial skin? Then is this cream safe to use every day? Here we review the subtleties of vitamin C cream. Read on!

1. What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C Cream What is

In the medical world, vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. This vitamin cannot be produced by the body. So, you need vitamin C intake from outside. For example from food, supplements, or skincare products.

Vitamin C has many benefits for the body. In addition to increasing the working system of the immune system, maintaining bones and teeth, vitamin C can also maintain skin beauty.

2. How important is the use of vitamin C cream for the face?

Vitamin C Cream Important

In the body, vitamin C can optimize collagen production. This collagen compound is a protein that plays a role in maintaining skin elasticity, so that the skin remains supple and is not easily loosened.

In addition, vitamin C also acts as a powerful antioxidant that is responsible for fighting free radicals.

Free radicals are skin damaging agents derived from UV A and UV B of sun rays, air pollution, cigarette smoke, vehicle emissions, and dirt.

If the skin is exposed to free radicals for a long time, the effect can accelerate aging, trigger hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin), zits, black spots, and uneven skin tone.

Well, vitamin C protects your skin from all the bad effects. Vitamin C is also an active ingredient that can brighten the skin while preventing inflammation.

3. How to choose vitamin C cream products for the face?

Vitamin C Cream Selection

Given how much vitamin C benefits the skin, of course you need to include vitamin C cream in your routine skincare list. However, don’t just buy cream !

Generally, vitamin C cream products contain one or more of the ingredients as below:

  • Ascorbic Acid
  • L-Ascorbic Acid
  • Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate
  • Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate
  • Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

The above compound is a type of derivative of vitamin C that is able to absorb well into the skin. There is also a vitamin C cream product that uses extracts from natural ingredients.

For those of you who have sensitive skin types, you should be careful when choosing cream with the content of Ascorbic Acid and L-Ascorbic Acid, these compounds have a fairly high acidity level.

If you experience redness or pimples when using, then stop immediately. Better to choose another formula that is lighter with not too high levels.

4. Things that need to be considered in the use of vitamin C cream

Vitamin C Cream Consider

When you buy vitamin C cream, some important things you need to pay attention to are expiration dates. Usually vitamin C cream has a shelf life of about 6-12 months after opening.

Therefore, make sure you use it every day so it’s not redundant.

Then, make sure you also store vitamin C cream in the dark, cool room. Because vitamin C cream is easily oxidized by exposure to light.

If you find your cream starts to change color, texture, smell or become cloudy, stop using it immediately! It’s possible that the cream has been oxidized.

In addition, when using this cream, it’s a good idea to try it first in hand. If there is no alarming reaction, then you can apply it to the face.

Use it slightly beforehand. See how it develops. Ideally, the use of cream does not cause breakouts or zits. Instead, it makes the skin look brighter and cleaner.

5. The right ways to use Vitamin C cream!

Vitamin C Cream Use

During the day, exposure to free radicals tends to be large. If you are active outdoors, sunlight and pollution can damage youthfulness of the skin!

Therefore, try to include vitamin C cream in your skincare routine in the morning.

For use:

  • First, make sure you wash your face first
  • Then, use toner to hydrate the skin (optional)
  • And apply vitamin C cream to the face, just 1-2 drops then spread on the face and neck
  • After that, you can apply moisturizers and sunscreens
  • This sunscreen and vitamin C cream, both are suitable for combination and can make their properties work more optimally. These products play a role in protecting your skin from the effects of oxidative stress.

While at night, you can just use vitamin C cream. But watch for other skincare products that you use!
Make sure this cream is not used together with active ingredients such as retinol, niaciamide and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). That can cause a negative reaction.

Actually, just using vitamin C cream once a day is enough, really! You can keep up with eating foods high in vitamin C, such as peppers, mangoes, strawberries, papaya, oranges, pineapples, broccoli, and vegetable kale. Use the cream in the right way will make your life healthier.

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