Is spicy food good for you ? People still think that spicy food is bad for stomach health. From now on, don’t hesitate to eat spicy foods, it can provide some health benefits, you know.

There are many delicious spicy foods you can make with chili. Chili as a spicy flavor contains capsaicin which is very effective in maintaining immunity. Besides the immune system, spicy food also has five other benefits.

What are the benefits of spicy food ?

1. Prevent heart disease

Heart Disease

Capsaicin content in spicy foods can affect blood vessel. It can help prevent blood clots.

In addition, the chili contained in food can also prevent damage to blood vessels, and also decrease cholesterol levels in the blood to prevent heart disease.

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2. Lose weight

Burn Fat

Spicy food can increase body heat, allowing it to increase body metabolism up to 5 percent, and increase fat burning by 16 percent. This is proven if the spicy food can burn calories faster. So, consumption of spicy foods helps reduce fat.

3. Inhibits cancer cell growth

Cancer Cell

Everyone has cancer cells in the body. But how it grow is depend on the lifestyle. The content of curcumin in spicy food has a tremendous effect in the prevention of cancer cells growth.

Curcumin is effective in reducing cancer cell growth and also prevents it. Consuming food that contain curcumin can inhibits the growth of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and stomach cancer. Meanwhile, capsaicin can kill 80 percent of cancer cells and does not hurt normal cells.

4. Smooth circulation

Smooth Circulation

Spicy food will smooth circulation and lower blood pressure. Chili also helps strengthen blood vessel walls because of its vitamin A and C content.

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5. Reduce pain

Reduce Pain

If you experience pain from arthritis, a rash, or even a headache, maybe you usually use a balm or ointment that feels hot to reduce pain. Likewise with the pain that the body feels, you can reduce it by eating spicy foods to cover the pain and reduce it.

Spicy food here is a spicy taste derived from chili or ingredients that produce natural spicy flavor and contain capsaicin. Because other than that, you will not be able to feel the benefits of spicy food. For those who cannot tolerate the spicy taste, don’t worry you can reduce the burden in other ways. The important thing is always to apply a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

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