What is Hypnosis ?

Hypnotized – Hypnotize is making or causing someone to be in a state of hypnosis. While Hypnosis itself is a state such as sleep because of suggestion, which at the beginning of the person’s level is under the influence of the person who gave the suggestion.

But at the next level becomes totally unconscious. It is one way for others to intimidate, provoke and encourage you by making your mind fall.

There are people who believe in hypnosis but some don’t. Most of those who experience this incident directly are patients who are unable to focus their thoughts. Some are people who are complacent by negative thoughts.

Not infrequently from them are humans who are too focused on the sparkly world where this is what makes it controlled by the world. Basically, someone will be able to hypnotize you if he knows what your heart wants.

Something that makes us hypnotized is something we have always wanted (coveted) but has not yet materialized.

Therefore, it is good for us from now on to examine and re-select whatever is the desire and hope in the future.

Understand that sometimes when someone wants to cheat you can offer to realize your dreams and desires so that you are complacent under your control.

Factors That Cause Why You Can be Hypnotized

Don’t think silly and then assume that you can imagine and fantasize unclearly without having to worry about the consequences it will cause.

Realize that even if the others can’t read / guess your mind, it doesn’t mean that you can be free to do anything there. Because there is a positive correlation between what is in the brain and the reality that occurs everyday.

The closer a person offers to your desires, the more likely it is to hypnotize and even commit a crime against you. Here are some reasons why someone is so easy to be hypnotized and lose everything.


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1. The mind’s focus on money and wealth.

Hypnotized Money

When you wish for money and then dream of buying all the things, the greater the risk of being hypnotized by this.

Someone can come to you and offer things with fantastic numbers that make you complacent and fall under his control in the narrow interest.

2. Mind focus on specific work / positions.

Hypnotized Work

Those who really crave a job / certain position even to bring it into the world of dreams tend to be easily hypnotized by others.

Bidding for certain jobs can come and then you are asked to sacrifice more in the future. For example, leaving faith in God or leaving a special child does not matter.

Those who are too focused on pursuing a certain position will also be hypnotized and then begin to forget the needs of their spouse (husband / wife) and children at home because work is everything.

You too can be hypnotized by other people who lure important positions but require you to pay a certain amount of royalties up front even though this is a form of fraud.

3. Focusing on beauty and good looks.

Hypnotized Beauty

Some people are so fascinated by their beauty. Every day what she does in front of a mirror is to dress up for hours.

She always praises herself in her heart while saying that “am I really really beautiful?” As soon as there is a man from somewhere who praises her beauty, she is stunned and falls into the arms of the man. Even though this person she just knew.

4. Focus of mind on excessive anxious.

Hypnotized Anxious

There are people who never / rarely suffer. They are so anxious about this life, the more anxious the more they complain and grumbles.

People can use this situation to scare you. This is what makes you hypnotized so you are told to do anything. So you must learn to control your emotion in front of people.

5. Focus thinking on idol (actors / actresses).

Hypnotized Fans

Your idol can be a tool to influence the willingness to buy certain goods or services. Because he is too fanatic with the artist in question, he can spend money for the next two to three months.

Not only money can hypnotize you but the face of a person who will be able to hypnotize you to do something that is not really needed.

6. Lack of belief in God’s existence (lack of faith).

Hypnotized Faith

When we are not close to God, the atmosphere of our lives is vulnerable to the influence of others. We are unconsciously hypnotized by this and that because there is no barrier to ward off everything that comes from outside.

The faith that we have also makes this self more selective and critical in responding to everything because there is a standard of living (Scripture) that we hold.

7. Too long to let the mind go blank.

Hypnotized Mind Blank

When our minds are often empty, the chances of being hypnotized by others are getting bigger too.

He will guess what we want (usually worldly things) and then lead you to reveal some personal secrets, incite, scare to make you confused and finally ask “what should I do?”. From here they will instruct you to do things that are harmful and even deviating too.

8. Establish open communication with strangers.

Hypnotized Strangers

We can communicate with anyone, we also do it with strangers. But it is strange when someone new to ask for a home address, a normal telephone number, children’s names and so on.

Mediocre communication is good, but it is strange too. When someone you just know immediately asks for more personal things (which you usually only share with relatives, friends). Such people need to watch out for friends.

Hypnosis is a matter of how we make the mind of others complacent in the point of view used / on the words used / on the attitude expressed.

Basically the way of working to make the mind complacent will be easier for people who focus on something. Because other people easily guess this.

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